“This Is Soul Events provided spectacular wedding documentation, as well as music that made the dance floor pop-off! Abi is a phenomenal photographer, who is keen to gain insights into the bride and groom’s various passions and then incorporate those passions into her wedding photography. Christopher DJ’d both my older brothers’ weddings as well as mine – he puts on an incredible performance that draws on the bride and groom’s particular music tastes and on his own contemporary music preferences. All in all, if you want great wedding photos and a reception that feels less stuffy and more like a party, then I strongly recommend obtaining the services of This Is Soul Events.”     – Jill & Ty, September 2017 (Chico Hot Springs | Pray, Montana)


“When we started planning our Montana wedding (all the way from Pennsylvania), we knew we would need to put a lot of trust into our vendors.  Photography and music were some of our top priorities, and we wanted to work with people who truly understood our vibe and vision for the day. Abi, Christopher, and their team absolutely exceeded our expectations! Both of them are amazing communicators, even from a distance! We never had an issue getting a hold of them, and never had any miscommunication.

We were both really nervous about being photographed, but Abi made us feel absolutely at ease and comfortable. Somehow she managed to get so many incredible shots during both our engagement shoot and at the wedding! What’s more, we had a blast getting photographed by her!

Leading up to the wedding and on the day, Abi and Christopher went above and beyond to make sure that everything ran smoothly. They were there from beginning to end, and helped us with everything. We really can’t overstate how floored we were with their kindness, professionalism, care, and help.

Christopher truly listened to us and totally understood our musical vibe. He asked for suggestions from us, but also surprised us with amazing jams that made for such a fun dance party!

Really, we can’t say enough nice things about these dudes. They are fun, sweet, humble, hardworking, and amazing at what they do! We’re so grateful that we got the opportunity to have them as part of our wedding, and can’t recommend them highly enough!”     – Emma & Dora, July 2017 (White Raven | Alberton, Montana)


“We were so lucky to have This Is Soul come out to Wisconsin to work our wedding. Abi’s images captured the spirit of the event and not just the timeline of the day. Abi is a photographic ninja, she can get in on the action without getting in the way. Abi has a gift of photographing people as they are in a particular moment – her images tell a story, she is a true artist. Chris’s DJ questionnaire balanced thorough detail and a sense of humor and his performance brought the party all night, our wedding was 6 months ago and I still get raving reviews on our dance party and that is all thanks to Chris.”     – Audre & Luke, June 2017 (High Noon Saloon | Madison, Wisconsin)


“Chris and Abi were awesome to work with. They understood what we wanted and executed it perfectly. We love the way our photos turned out, and the DJ garnered lots of compliments!”     – Mackenzie & Carson, May 2017 (Linda Vista | Missoula, Montana)


“After meeting Chris and Abi the very first time, Brian and I were hooked. They are both so interesting and unique, but they put out this amazing vibe that they just “get” you. We had a bunch of odd ideas for our wedding, and the entire This Is Soul team rallied behind the awesome ideas and coached us through ideas that would make the wedding timeline challenging.

I have never seen my family dance so hard! Chris does an impeccable job of playing classics that are guaranteed to get people moving and also mixing in surprise jams that are oh-so-perfect.

Abi and Liza captured so many special moments in photographs that are artful and perfectly depict the details of our wedding day.”     – Blayne & Brian, September 2016 (Lubrecht Experimental Forest | Greenough, Montana)


“We could not have been happier to have Abi and Chris part of our wedding day. Abi captured hundreds of candid moments, and made the family and wedding party photos super easy. Chris’s dance party was unbelievable. He blended our requests with his own style and created an epic evening. Abi’s photos keep that wedding celebration vibrant in our memories. I would recommended This Is Soul to a friend (and acquaintances and strangers)! Cheers to more kick-ass weddings with Abi and Chris!!”     – Sarah & Joe, July 2016 (Fairmont Hot Springs | Anaconda, Montana)


“My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful that we had This Is Soul for our photography and DJ at our DIY outdoor wedding in Montana. Abi was able to artistically capture the very essence of who we are as a couple and the abundance of love that our family and friends surrounded us with on our wedding day. Abi is extremely professional, and she made everyone feel very comfortable and relaxed on what could have been a stressful day. This allowed her unique style to capture organic moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Chris is a renown DJ and musician in Missoula. When you pair his work with Abi’s, it makes for a dynamic duo. Given Chris’s professional background, he is able to naturally read a crowd to know what to play next. For our wedding, we wanted a party, and he was able to take it to a whole other level without any direction from us. Since our wedding was a DIY, it was very helpful to have Chris and Abi’s collaboration, and for them to share their knowledge and experience to ensure our wedding day ran smoothly. Still to this day, my husband and I say that hiring This Is Soul was the best decision that we made for our wedding, besides choosing each other as the bride and groom.”     – Kelly & Ryan, June 2015 (Lubrecht Experimental Forest | Greenough, Montana)


“Of all the decisions we had to make while planning our wedding, choosing a DJ was by far the easiest. My wife and I lived in Missoula when Chris DJ’d every Thursday night at a local bar. Abi was the official documentarian. Each Thursday, the bar was packed wall-to-wall with dancing folk. They were raucous events. As a pseudo-musician myself, I was always amazed at how many people attended those Thursday night parties. And they did it again and again for nearly a decade. So when my then-fiance and I heard that Chris was DJing weddings, the choice was simple.

The music Chris played was spot-on—exactly the vibe we had requested. But good music from Chris was no surprise. What really impressed my wife and I was Chris’s professionalism and attentiveness. He was always easy to get a hold of and responded to questions quickly and clearly. And even though our wedding was a few hours away from Missoula, Chris was on time and quickly adapted to the less-than-ideal venue for setting up a dance party—a working horse barn.

Although we did not have an official wedding photographer, Abi was with Chris and agreed to take photos during the dancing. Her images ended up being my favorites from the wedding—moments from the greatest night of my life captured in a frame. My only regret is that we did not ask Abi to take photos of the ceremony.

I would recommend This Is Soul to anyone. Not only because of Chris’s encyclopedic knowledge of music or Abi’s knack for catching a memory through a lens, but because they are pros. Plain and simple. Chris and Abi care about what they do and they care about their clients. I’m not sure what more you could ask for.”      – Carly & Jamie, May 2014 (Philipsburg, Montana)